We were given an introduction to present and promote this past Monday. The introduction included a quick introduction of what the unit was going to require. The main focus of the day was to select a suitable artist to come in for our artists talk program. We looked at many different artists, all which they own in individual practice, cover letter, CV, and website. Unfortunately, I didn’t write every artist name down, but I wrote down the artists who stood out from the rest and what my tutor felt they had done enough to be considered for the artist talk. As a part of present and promote, we would all produce an E-Portfolio. This is an email able portfolio, containing the strongest images and information to a potential, company, employer. Jasleen Kaur had the strongest E-Portfolio which we all viewed. Her portfolio was well layered out, the color chosen for the background made the images stand out more, the images which were shown had a high professional element, and a short but well written statement at the end showed the standard Kaur was at. I instantly knew she would be a candidate as her work had a much higher level of professionalism compared to the previous artists. After a brief discussion, we decided that she would be a candidate for the artist talk.

jasleen haur


Another good artist we looked at was Kate Owens. She had a strong CV and website which we did see a lot of throughout the day, but the professionalism wasn’t missing from each other she had both at a high professional level. Her CV was heavily detailed with experience in exhibitions, events, awards, residencies, and publications. Like Jasleen Kaur, she was another strong candidate for the artist talk, as her overall profile had the professional requirements which were required from the tutors.


kate owens


After completing the artists, we were then given a short briefing for present and promote. The unit included two assignments which would need to complete before the deadline, which is in January. We would have to produce a short presentation for assignment 1, and for assignment 2 we would need to produce an E-portfolio, CV, website, and business cards and creating applications for photography and video competitions, which all falls under self-marketing material. I learned some helpful tips from the introductory lesson, how to market yourself in the highest professional manner, when applying for jobs there are many pros and cons of applying for jobs which I found out during the lesson, for example what to add and leave out in your personal CV. The unit itself sounds very straight forward which is helpful considering the other commitments we also have this year. I’m looking forward to completing this unit as I have been looking to produce a professional profile for a while using my university work. I have already got business cards, and a photographic blog which I want to covert into a professional website. I’m confident in myself to produce a professional profile which will allow me to apply to photography and art jobs when I graduate next year.












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