After presenting my work I was able to get more of an understanding on narrowing my FMP idea. As I was still in the process of figuring out my main idea’s theme, I was able to explain my current process to the best of my ability. The work I showed may have come across confusing as I lost confidence towards the end of the presentation, as I was unable explaining my idea as I still haven’t been able to identify as of yet my main ideas theme. I received helpful guidance and tips, which will allow me to find new inspiration from the new artists I was told to research. Donovan Wylie, Caspar David Friedrich, Sophie Ristelhueber, and Trevor Paglen where all new artists I was recommended to look at. All of these new artists I was told to look at where far better than the previous artists I was viewed as both Don Mccullin and Richard Wainwright were both photojournalists, so this artist were much better to look at for inspiration work.

Donovan Wylie is an Irish Photographer whose work links into my Barriers idea. The most appealing work I came across at this current point is Wylie’s Maze work. The work consists of a collection of images of the Maze Prison, located 10 miles outside of Belfast. The historical element to this collection of work is very interesting, as it was originally a prison to house terrorists. Throughout the years, it at one point in the 1980s had over 1700 prisons, which eventually became a problem for the prison as when the Good Friday agreement came into play back in 2000, the prison had to close and the remaining prisoners were transferred around Ireland. Wylie was able to gain access into the prison when it became empty without requiring supervision. The images I came across were very powerful as the prison looks very old. When looking at the images from a different standout, I was visualising prisoners when the Maze was fully operative. Even though the images were taken in the daytime, the photos impose themselves on the viewers in my personal view, they looks and feels intimidated and cold.


NORTHERN IRELAND. The Maze Prison. Inertia Stage 1. 2003

NORTHERN IRELAND. The Maze Prison. Inertia Stage 1. 2003


NORTHERN IRELAND. The Maze Prison. Waste ground and sports centre. 2003

NORTHERN IRELAND. The Maze Prison. Waste ground and sports centre. 2003


Looking at Wylie’s work, I can see myself potentially linking my current ideas with The Maze work and if possible using other artists work I have already viewed, such as Richard Wainwright as they both have areas which I can use as  in my work and if it links together well. This is the strongest work I have viewed so far, as my current ideas link partially well to this type of photography work, and looking back at my current research so far, the new selection of artists are a lot stronger in an artists sense, as Mccullin and Wainwright are both photojournalists and they didn’t link up fully to my current ideas but I still consider them throughout my research as they are still contain strong art work.

My next move will be looking into Wylie’s work in more detail as I have only viewed one area of his work in detail, and he has a large amount of work to cover. As an artist, gaining access to a facility like Maze prison is a unique facility to view for many reasons, and from that he has a strong collection of images. The theme and reasoning for this work has inspired me to look into more work of Donovan Wylie.



Donovan Wylie Profile


 Donovan Wylie The Maze




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