In our first lecture, which was taken by Colin Davies we were introduced to Current Debates. We were given a short introduction, explaining what the lectures would do and how they would link to our FMP, we were then told how the Unit would be based with tutors, so my current understanding, our course tutors would be involved. I think having tutors involved in this unit is a positive as it allows myself and others a chance to get the most out of our tutors for tips & guidance.

We were then given a presentation on debates in practice, the slide included context, FMP links, research strategies, tutorials guidance and how to be a thinking practitioner. We were then shown a selection of different artists, we were there told a few important and useful tips, such as software being controlled, try to reinvent yourself and create different styles, always ask yourself questions regularly. This was helpful for me as sometimes I don’t always ask myself questions to update my projects which I should be doing now as im in the final year of my course.

The next area of the lecture was topics of research. We were shown a video by Max Hattler whose video was called Collision, 2009. The theme was on National Flags. I listened key words down, which reflected the video. Icons, Colours, Fast Paced, and conflict. It was an interesting video to view, as I haven’t encountered many videos which the theme revolves around flags as a theme.




Max Hattler, Collision, 2009, Animationer.


As the lecture went on Colin was writing key words down alongside the presentation which was useful as it identified certain areas of the videos and having the words alongside the clips helped myself remember the video more. We were shown a few clips which could inspire us, the standout one who I was The Guardian Newspaper created a video which was the 2014 World Cup. The video itself contains a collage of images which summarised the whole tournament in a few minutes. The video didn’t have any professional quality in terms of editing or effects, it was just a standard image to image, video, but the basics of it made me enjoy the video more. I was unable to find the creator and the video on the Guardian website, but I enjoy the experience as I have a personal interest in football and how the video was presented inspire me for one of my FMP ideas.


Towards the end, we were given pointers, such as FMP- Where Is my work taking me? . This was a great point to bring up in my view because, creating work in one thing, but as I have learned throughout my time at university and on my course, your work has to have a purpose, I have created work myself, which I wouldn’t want to show at exhibition level, so producing work this year with a purpose is key in my personal view. Lastly, we were told about our submission dates for our dissertation. The first lecture for our final year was an interesting one, not the best by any means in terms of inspiration for myself, but I did gain some helpful pointers which I will take along with me this year.





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