One of our units for our final year was the professional studio practice. This unit will last us the whole duration of the year. We were given a small briefing at the end of the second year, outlining the unit. I am fortunate enough to work with a professional freelance photographer, Christopher Parkes when I am available. I knew the outline of the unit, but I struggled over the summer with my FMP & dissertation process, so I turned my focus for a few weeks on working with Chris as I thought I could get some inspiration working in a professional environment.

I have been working with Chris for over 3 years, over that time I have seen his website changed and developed over that time, along with his own working style. Over this summer I managed to work with him on a number of studio, commercial and business photography assistant jobs. My roles were very specific as I have learned over time, which are my standard job roles going into a job are as I have been working with Chris for a long period.

One of the most challenging jobs for the summer, from a photographic point which was the Reward Gateway Excellence Awards at the V&A Museum. I was given a chance to photograph the event to add my portfolio as I was lacking some event photos. The lighting on offer was very sharp and low lid lighting so I had continuously adjust my settings to get the correct shot. From the unit standout point, the jobs I have been doing with Chris for the last few years has shown me a lot regarding the business side of photography. In terms of creative, that hasn’t been as frequent but I learned a lot over the last number of years working with Chris. I can use Chris’s website as a great example on how a photographer should present your own work.


chris parkes image 1


chris parkes image 2

chris parkes image 3









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