As the Creative Enterprise unit is coming to a close, we have been asked to write an exhibition report on how we felt about how the unit has gone. Each team member was given job roles within the duration of the unit. My first role was to find a suitable location to hold an exhibition. As a group we all settled on each role without any issues, this was a good indication that our team was on a good wavelength regarding communication and cooperation as a team.

Myself and my other team members looked at many different locations throughout Luton. Departure Lounge was the first location I came across. Arthur looked at the Mall and came across some potential spaces, unfortunately myself and Arthur was unsuccessful, securing a location in Luton was a difficult task but a good learning experience at the same time. Eventually I called up the Galaxy Centre Manager who was able to show us a cafe on the second floor in the galaxy, but spacing and power limitations preventing us from using this space, which eventually brought us to our office space in the Galaxy Centre. The location was under the staircase which heads the cinema. Once we were showed around, we were happy with the space and rooms which were offered to us so we decided to take the venue. Unfortunately due to a legal issue we was unable to exhibit our work at the galaxy centre. This was a massive setback as we had to start at the beginning, but we did gain some experience from this as we knew to get some form of written or signed contract, which was a mistake on our part. Luckily we managed to secure a second location at the Departure Lounge Gallery. We were fortunate to have a contact within the departure lounge as we were able to secure a selection of the upstairs gallery.

We opened up a cafe for a duration of 2 weeks, which would allow us to use the money made on important areas of our exhibition. We received positive feedback throughout from fellow students and staff as there is no tea/coffee area currently in the Xenon building. This was a great idea to put forward and allow us for 2 weeks to build up our fundraising budget. I used the fundraising website, http://www.indiegogo.com,, which was a well-known site to use. There were initial issues with gaining funds to the website as I found it difficult to set up and get donations going. Eventually a donation area appeared and from the help of family&friends and I was able to raise 70 pounds. This money was key as we were able to buy key materials such as re-printing of our posters.

Once we had sorted the other areas of our exhibition, we were ready to prepare for our private view. As a team, we worked together to make sure our location was up to the highest standard possible for our viewers. To place our work up correctly, we had to use command stripes for the protection of the walls and our work. We was all allocated our own rooms to suit each others work. I shared with another teammate as it suited my style of work better. We produced another set of posters and went around Luton to advertise our upcoming show. We all worked together as a team to set-up our exhibition space ready for our private view.

Our last part of the unit was to create a presentation to our tutors showing them our whole process of our exhibition experience. The presentation consisted of a structured view of our exhibition. We all designated slides which fit our job roles. After a brief discussion of the slides and how we would present them, we went away to prepare for the presentation. As not every team member was available, we had a short practice run before presenting the work to our tutors and fellow classmates. I was nervous initially as presenting to an audience isn’t one of my strengths. In preparation I created a guideline for myself if I encountered any issues when presenting my slides. After the presentation I felt confident in my approach on my slides, as my preparation prior to the talk helped me feel more relaxed. We received positive feedback from both tutors and fellow classmates, from this feedback we saw this unit as a success given that we had a number of issues throughout but it was a great learning experience nonetheless.


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