In my research for my Exhibition essay, I build up a series of research materials. This consisted of books, journals, online reviews and multiple internet sources. Initial research was collected from the exhibition, followed by research from internet sources and relevant books.

My first area of research was collected when visiting the Joan Fontcuberta’s Stranger than Fiction exhibition at the science museum, which consisted of photographs and leaflets. This significantly contributed within the early stages of research and influenced my contextual studies on science fiction. After visiting the exhibition, I then started looking over a number of online reviews, which gave me a small collection of references which would go into my final bibliography.

The internet sources were collected from various websites which ranged from The Science Museum, The Guardian, Museum Planner and YouTube. I also looked at various additional sources from sites across the internet. From this I had to categorise my research as I progressed as I didn’t want to overload myself with various links at once. This allowed my final bibliography to display a clear variety of sources and reading material, and not just one category overloading the other. This was a long process as selecting the right links proved to be a challenge as some would lack detail or a clear outlook on the exhibition, so I was satisfied with my final choices.

I slowly started to build up a strong bibliography, once I had collected enough internet sources I then progressed towards reading material which I could use. One of the most important books I referenced was Exhibition by MIT Press.  It had an extensive variety of exhibitions reviews which provided an insight when I progressed to explaining the Joan Fontcuberta’s experience. I received good support from tutors and staff to build up my bibliography to the highest quality. Whilst looking over my research, I had to remove some sources as they didn’t link properly with my essay, but I was able to identify quickly what reading material was required for the work. I also used the structure sheet which helped me to overcome my initial struggle with planning and helped to effectively plan my essay.

I added Illustrations to my bibliography as there were many images throughout Stranger Than Fiction which I felt were important to the essay. After looking over a series of images, I finally added two illustrations which added depth to my essay and bibliography. My reasoning behind only adding two was that I only covered areas of Stranger Than Fiction, not the whole exhibition itself. I covered Fauna (1977) which was at the beginning of the exhibition, and after looking at the full-scale models and images, I selected Cercopithecus Icarocornu, which was in the Fauna (1977) selection of the exhibition.

Overall, I was happy with my research as it reflects well in my essay, with the variety of reading materials which were shown in my bibliography. I enjoyed parts of my research as I was able to look into Stranger Than Fiction with great detail. The exhibition was an enjoyable experience and evidently influenced my final choice of exhibition for the work. There were areas which I felt could be improved, such as taking more time within research stages to find stronger journals. This would have helped on the contextual studies side and would have helped to gain more understanding towards correct reading material for the essay. In conclusion, I’m satisfied with my research and its contribution towards the final result as I was able to produce a strong essay.


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