This unit lasted a lot longer than I expected and my final work showed this. When we were introduced to appropriation I was instated attached to the brief and had many different ideas going through my head. I did at first struggle with the theme of the project as my first set of ideas didn’t link with the concept of appropriation. But gradually I became to narrow down my ideas and start thinking of a series of ideas which I could use if one of the ideas doesn’t work out.

This planning didn’t work as eventually the duration of the unit changed as we were given a lot longer to complete the task. At that point I knew I could have a more detailed structure about my work which I previously couldn’t have due to the duration of the units. This didn’t work in my favour as I did my planning early I began to make to many tests of my idea and this resulted in losing quality and I only made small changes in each different test video.

Before the Christmas break we had crit showing our process up to that point and we could decide to continue with our current ideas or start from starch and produce a new video. I decided to stick with my current idea, as I was still in the development stage and I knew the potential the idea had. I began to run more video tests along with my new added ideas and artists, it eventually began to take shape and I could see the development in my work.

using artists like Frank Mouris and Mishka Henner really helped me get the artistic approach I wanted my viewers to see in my work, and even though my final video took a lot longer than I expected it to, I was happy with the final result. The editing process took a far a lot of time commitment in this unit which I hadn’t experienced before this, I enjoy editing all of my video tests as I develop my video editing skills which were at a basic level before the unit. I didn’t learn advanced techniques or try to make my video a high professional video, it had to fit my style of editing which was fast, quick edit that got the point across quickly and I personally believe that I achieve this.

The issue I have with my final work is, it still felt like the video was at development stage something was missing but I couldn’t figure out what it was. After some helpful feedback I understood what I needed to do to create the completed version. I used my finished version in my exhibition, which I wasn’t 100% confident about showing my video to an audience as my fellow classmates had far superior videos of mine, but after helpful feedback my video had every right to be added into the show-reel as the others did.

This unit opened my eyes to video editing and video art work itself. I don’t have the best ability in video editing prior to the unit, but I think over the course of the unit, I improve a huge amount. I enjoyed researching and adding artist’s themes to my work as it shows the development and my improved knowledge of artists to include them something I wouldn’t have done in the first year.


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