Lonely Landscape Crit & Final Images


Our crit was the final part in our Lonely Landscape project. We each had to produce an image of our choice to show our fellow students. Every group had good solid images which was good to see as it showed a lot of effort was put into the unit. Each group had to explain how our group work together, if there was any issues throughout the unit, the idea behind our images, and how we felt as a group our final images came out. When our turn came I spoke the most as I felt confident in speaking for the group. I said our group worked well throughout the unit, our ideas were strong, we all agreed quickly on jobs roles and when we had our idea we was all happy with the idea. Even though our images were strong, they all had the same angle and looked quite similar. As a group we all agreed on that our model looked one dimensional as we could of worked more on the model, for example adding another wall on the inside to get different types of photos as it was hard to explore with different angles as there was only one side of our model to photograph. Generally the unit has been successful. I had a good strong group who throughout the unit have showed determination to produce a professional model and images. There are areas of improvement if we were to re-do this again, as I’m fully certain that we would correct these problems next time around. I would use my group again if was required to.


In the process of producing my final images, I had a lot of variety to choose from. But when looking at my images I eventually saw a pattern of having similar looking images right across my selection. Once I had chosen my final images I began to edit them. I didn’t do much editing to my images, only using basic tools which included brightness/contrast, levels and curves, the raw plug-in tool which allows you to do general overall edit before the main edit. I used this for all my images and it helped a lot because it saved me from going into every different selection of Photoshop to find the tool for the specific part of the edit that I required. I had to produce only one image for my crit but I decided to have 4 to 5 final images because I wanted to have a choice of images. By the end of my editing I had 4 four images produced. I had three from the first shoot and one from my second. My four images didn’t come out right, as the blue tint came out purple when I printed it. I made the mistake of not changing the colour settings from RGB to CMYK. I had run out of time to change this which was frustrating but it something I can learn from next time regarding time management.

Final Images




image one-edit


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