Lonely Landscape

Our task for this unit is to create a landscape for our 3D model of a character that we have chosen from a selection. In our groups we all had to produce a landscape, taking into account many different areas. Lighting is a key part of this unit so will have two studio lighting workshops which would show us basics and eventually explain how to photograph our models using lighting. Our character is a ten year old Muslim girl who has a processed devil emotion inside her. The landscape my group will be creating is a dark tunnel with some candles to light up the location. This stage is still under development. My role is the group was photography and lighting. I have looked at some images that are good examples to used for inspiration for our own project. I will be exploring the different areas of studio lighting which is a key part of the unit, so I will be taking the photographs to the best of my ability.

I eventually came across some different images that represented a better look of our tunnel will finally come out like. Compared to my first set of examples, each image had different, light, shape, age, and angle to them which is good because it gives us more variety to look at when we create our final model. These link better to our ideas as they were all black colored, had good lighting areas which made the tunnels look more imposing.


Bramhope_Tunnel_north_portal_1a NEndTunnel london-019 DSC_0766 IMG_3273

433390547_5c01f06883_o 6927554030_da679ff7c4_o dark-tunnel Tunnel

Links to images.











Planning Stage

Before our second tutorial, we had a group meeting to discuss what progress we had made. Each of us had gained some research and we all stick to our requirements which showed our group was working well together.

In our second tutorial we began creating some models for our landscape. These were just mock ups to visualize what the final model will come out like. Each of us made our own mock up to see what it could look like. I use cardboard, tape, and staple gun for my materials. It didn’t come out great but I got a good understanding of what the final model will come out like. We then had a workshop on the laser cutter and the 3D printer. We were showed how the laser cutter works and how to place files from the computer onto the cutter. The same was applied for the 3D printer. This was a helpful workshop but I wouldn’t require either of these for this unit. Towards the end of the workshop I spoke to my tutor on how the unit has gone so far, what stage we was in our creation of our model, and also how am I going to develop my idea using studio lighting, how will I photograph the final model and also how will I present the landscape in the Crit. We all decided on what materials we will go with for our final model; we will be using cardboard, glue, torches, table acting as a stand, candles, a smoking device, bricks which will be made from cardboard,  and ripped paper for the floor.  I am happy with the progress and development for this unit so far, our group had a good understanding with each other and all have strengths that we have all showed so far in the production of creating our model.


Practice Model

WP_000000 WP_000001


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